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Voice chip

Voice chip, also known as: voice IC, English Name: Speech IC, and MCU with the call: Speechmcu. Chinese is also called sound chip and music chip. Chip built-in a small amount of storage space, generally from 0Mbit--8Mbit, storage time of 10-3200 seconds, can be controlled by the button or MCU control, voice directly integrated circuit chip.
Speech chip definition: the voice signal through sampling into digital, stored in the IC ROM, and then through the circuit to restore the digital audio signals in ROM.
According to the voice chip output mode is divided into two categories, one is the PWM output mode, one is the DAC output mode, PWM output volume can not be continuously adjustable, can not receive ordinary power amplifier, at present most of the voice chip on the market is the PWM output mode. The other is that the DAC is amplified by the internal EQ, the voice chip can be adjusted continuously, the digital control can be adjusted, and the power amplifier can be connected externally.


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